FTDI (FT232R) AVR Programmer Board to Program Micro-controllers


This design is for a serial AVR programmer PCB that programs micro-controllers using the FTDI's FT232R chip. The FT232R gives a USB to serial UART (Universal Asynchronous Receiver/Transmitter) interface that allows programming of AVR micro-controllers via a PC. This IC has several important features and you can read about them in the link above.

FTDI programmer board
Fig. 1: FTDI AVR programmer board

Circuit Components:

  • FTDI FT232R IC: USB to UART interface IC to program micro-controllers via PC.
  • RCL components: The exact values of resistors, capacitors, and inductors can be found in the schematic image below.
  • Connectors: USB connector, relimate connectors, and FRC cables.

Printed Circuit Board:

You can find the design files (.sch and .brd files) of this FTDI programmer circuit in the repository linked at the top of this page.

FTDI programmer board schematic
Fig. 2: FTDI AVR programmer board schematic

Schematic: relay-mosfet dc motor driver
Fig. 3: PCB design: FTDI AVR programmer